Q     'How long has Hi-Lite been in business?'

A     We have been running since September 1991


Q     'The venue I want to book needs to see the entertainment company's insurance and  PAT certificates,         is this a problem?'

A     No problem at all. All our equipment is tested and certified and we have £10,000,000

        Public Liability Insurance.


Q     'I'm thinking about booking a band as well as you. Can this be done?'

A     Absolutely! We have worked along side many other artists and we are more than happy discuss the           best way of making this work.


Q     'What happens if you are ill or or unable get to us for our event?'

A     In over 25 years this has never happened. We do have a fall back plan should something  go wrong              but rest assured that your event will  be looked after, guaranteed.


Q     'I'm worried about what music you will play, will it be suitable for me and my guests?'

A     There is nothing to worry about. You are in control, tell us what you want or you can leave it up to us         and we will use our wealth of experience to ensure a great time is had by all.